Redemption Kids - First Time Guest Info

REDEMPTION_KIDS_LOGO01.jpg Welcome to Redemption Kids!

In-Service Communications

If we need to contact you during service about your child, you will receive a text from 423-888-0488. You can also text this number to reach a team member.

If we are unable to contact you by text, the 3 digit security code will come on the main screen in the sanctuary in the upper right or left hand corners. If you see your code, please come to the lobby and a team member will meet you there.

Parent Pick Up: 

Your parent pick up tag is necessary to check out your child at the end of service. If you misplace it, please see a team member.

Check out for your child is on the outside hallways (not in check in area). When facing the stage, you will exit left to check out Redemption Elementary, and right to check out Redemption Toddlers.

Do not leave the campus after dropping off your child. A parent or guardian is required to be on site at all times when their child is in the care of Redemption Kids.

We cannot wait to have a great day with your children!